Beyond Earth.

By Andy and Zac


Table of Contents

Creed and Law

Practices and Symbols

Things to Know

Disclaimer: This religion is entirely fictional. Although the names of real people were used, the actions that were allegedly done by such are false.



Origin of Elon Musk

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humans had sent Earth on a collision course to extinction. From the Great Smog of London to melting ice glaciers, we know the end is near. As humans anticipate the demise of their species, a saviour arose — Elon Musk: Born in 1971, he is an ambitious genius. He created SpaceX in the year 2002, with the outlook of making interplanetary colonization a reality. In an attempt to preserve the Earth for as long as possible while humans work on a breakthrough in space travel, Musk founded companies like Tesla that focus on reducing carbon emissions.

How Elonia was Founded

Musk, being an atheist, did not establish this religion himself, but rather, it was his employees that came together to commemorate his achievements. This is also a way to recruit people from all over the world who could later on become some of the first to colonize mars, under one jurisdiction rather than the conflict of multiple countries. After bringing the idea to Musk, he has since approved of the foundation and thus, Elonia was formed. Elonia is a joint venture between Musk’s three companies that will form our future: SpaceX, Neuralink, and Tesla. The name Elonia comes from the almighty Elon Musk, with -ia denoting that it is an organization.

Creed and Law


  • Musk is our salvation from the ultimate destruction of Earth
  • He will be the one to enable human communication to extraterrestrial beings
  • Elsewhere in the universe, life exists
  • Humans were given the power of knowledge to let us escape
  • It is as if our world is a country within a universe of other countries
  • Musk is the Chosen One


  • You shall not drive a vehicle not deemed suitable by Elonia (i.e. non-electric vehicles)
  • You shall not use non-renewable energy sources (except when limited by infrastructure such as the power grid)
  • By being a member of Elonia, you agree to be a candidate for space programs when the time comes (unless otherwise excused)
  • You must not desert Elonia for personal gain
  • You must not attempt to gain access to areas of a higher security clearance than given to you
  • By being a member of Elonia, you agree to the integration of Neuralink technology for use as identification and features required to participate in certain operations
  • You must not tamper with your Neuralink ID (such as spoofing it to gain a higher security clearance)
  • Each individual is limited to three meals a day, with each person having the same quantity (exceptions may be made for those with special needs)
  • Everyone is of equal value. Discrimination will be dealt with harshly.
  • Ranks are earned. Therefore you shall respect those with a higher rank than you and follow the orders they give. Use the chain of trust should there be concerns of misuse of power.


  • As a rule of ethicality and safety, members shall not have sexual intercourse. Doing so will prohibit those involved from going to space.
  • You are free to speak of anything, as long as it is not racist, targeted towards a group of people, does not spark hate, or constitute other consequences
  • You are free to be whatever orientation you believe defines you

Practices and Symbols



Assemblies are like Mass in the church, situated in facilities called assembly halls (yes, very creative). Assemblies are hosted by anyone holding a rank in the Commissioned Intermediary Ranks or higher. However, it is informal and really just a place for people to socialize and get to know each other.

Conventions of Science

Contains knowledge of all fields of science that were documented and the concepts within them.


Ultimate Goal

  • Dominate the intergalactic world

Core Beliefs

  • Elonia is a rather secular religion
  • Alien lifeforms do exist
  • Everyone deserves a chance to go to space
  • If you can dream it, then it can be made a reality
  • Musk is the one who makes this possible


Elonia is not really focused on symbolic actions as is done in other religions like Christianity. It is more focused on the application of daily life. The following are some practices members might do.

  • Stay up to date with Elonia news (as well as other news in the world)
  • Reading from the Conventions of Science
  • Contributing your expertise to a relative department
  • Going to assemblies (socialize and share knowledge)
  • Singing the Halo Theme Song (Musk would probably approve of it)

The only notable gesture Elonia uses is the salute (the same one that is used by general convention of the military). This is only used when encountering a higher rank, or in special occasions such as paying tribute to a deceased.



  • The symbol of Elonia
  • Shield represents the how we are defending our population from extinction
  • The X is the logo SpaceX (which is what makes space travel possible)
  • The stripes is a placeholder for the ranking system (similar to that in military forces)

SpaceX Spacesuit

  • Iconic futuristic look
  • Represents how far we’ve come in technology (compared to those old, clunky spacesuits)
  • Shields us from certain levels of radiation in space
  • We need it to breathe (and thus survive)


  • Symbolizes the unification of countries to achieve the ultimate goal
  • Power


  • Iconic alien face
  • Hope that we will eventually find other aliens

Water and Seed

  • The planets in our immediate solar system lack water and food
  • Thus, these are scarce items that must be conserved and treated with the utmost care in order to ensure the survival of humanity in space

Benefits and Requirements


  • Elonia will create accommodation blocks for those who do not have basic necessities
  • Only members are allowed to take part of SpaceX space activies, so as a member, this gives you a spot on the launch roster
  • Lenient in terms of religiousness (depending on who you are)


  • Anyone can apply (poor, rich, all races)
  • No fees, just your contributions
  • Those with disabilities and health conditions can still join, but may not be able to participate in space activities
  • You are not obligated to leave your current religion to join this one. However, there may be conflicts between your current religion and this one (e.g. your religion prohibits polytheism)

Things to Know


In order from highest to lower ranking:

  • Head - Elon Musk himself
  • General - highest ranking member under Head
  • Commissioned Advanced Ranks - From Brigadier General to General
  • Commissioned Intermediary Ranks - From 2nd Lieutenant to Colonel
  • Non-Commissioned Ranks - Candidate to Proven

  • When you first join, you are a Candidate. Once you get to the rank of Proven, you are ready to go to space!

Want to Join?

Easy! Just click the button below. No furthur information needed. (We already have that from the big companies and the government)

Or, if you prefer, go to your local Elonia embassy to apply instead.

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